2017 Men's Senior League

The Grand Elk Senior League
kicks off June 8th...

The Senior League officially returns with a 8:30 am
Shotgun Start on Thursday, June 8th, 2017.

Many elements remain from last year's program including
the weekly points chase for the ELK CUP.
The weekly cash buy-in will be $5 and we will use a rotation
of both individual and team games. 

The Elk Cup will be hoisted at the end of the season
with participation and performance points
being accumulated each week to qualify for the
FINAL FOUR PLAYOFF on Thursday, August 31st.

To register please call the golf shop at  (970) 887-9122. The Registration fee remains at $40, which includes the end of season banquet and prizes.

The golf fee rate will be at $38.00 for Senior League Members, and $48.00 for guests you may invite.

Senior League - 50 years of age and up - join us!

We hope to see you on Thursday, June 8th!!!

Also, be sure to visit our website at www.grandelk.com to learn about the Player's Club program and our new annual season passes.

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